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Qualification Requirements:

Following the 1v1 battles on March 18th, the top 16 players on [S1] Forgotten Altar will qualify for the event. If any qualifiers are absent during the event, the next ranked player will automatically replace him or her.


1. The event will be held on an exclusive server, where all competitors will receive all available cards.
2. Players must use a different class deck for each round. If you have won a round using one class, you must select a different one for the next round.
3. Elimination game: qualifiers will be divided into separate groups to battle each other. The player to knock out all other competitors will be named the champion.
4. Additional details will be released just before the event begins.

Tips & Notes

1. Every match will be recorded and commentated on through a live feed.
2. Raise your 1v1 rank for a higher chance to take part in the competition.
3. Practice and learn more about the various class decks to increase your chances of winning.
4. R2Games reserves the right to interpret how this event is managed.