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[Forum Event] Cosplay Genius!

During the event, dress up as one of the selected five cards and be rewarded! There are no limitations with this event so if a particular card is a woman, but you are a man, we’re not stopping you. Show it to us! Use Photoshop if you’d like to spice it up and use as many props as you’d like. We will announce the five cards just before the event begins so stay tuned!

Click here to join now!

Post Format: Upload and post your cosplay using the format below:

Duration: 2/9 – 2/18

Description: There are no limitations on how many different cosplays you can take part in. Try as many as you’d like! Once the event has a certain number of participants, the entire server will be showered with gifts and prizes! See below for more details.

  • 10 participants: 5000 Silver
  • 20 participants: 5000 Silver, Magic Dust x100
  • 30 participants: 5000 Silver, Magic Dust x200
  • 40 participants: 100 Gold, 5000 Silver, Magic Dust x200
  • 50 participants: 200 Gold, 5000 Silver, Magic Dust x300

Note: only characters level 10 and above will be rewarded with the prizes above. 

Once the event ends, players will be encouraged to vote for their favorite cosplay submission and the player with the most votes will be handsomely rewarded!