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[Forum Event] Share Your Strategy


Duration: 1/28 - 2/8

  • Master summoners! Your many victories in Dungeons and Campaigns are no accident. The same is true for your Top10 PvP rankings. As pioneer card masters in Summoner's Legion, would you be kind enough to share some tips with other noobs? It might be a detailed explanation, such as how you managed to defeat a specific enemy in a battle, your personal thoughts on deck construction, or whatever else you feel may be useful. Share anything about Summoner's Legion you think is worthy and get a chance to win some awesome rewards! 
  • We will select a few outstanding articles and publish them on our website!
  • An entire list of cards can be found in the Card Sets section on the Summoner's Legion website. Players can create their own custom decks there. Click here to try it out, and don’t forget to spread the good news!

  • Strategy articles must be original; plagiarized strategy won't qualify for any rewards.
  • There is no limit on the amount of players who can win.
  • One reward per article.
  • Players can win more than once, as long as their articles are selected as qualified by the Summoner's Legion Team.
  • Please remember to put your character name in the article so we can confirm you are the author.
  • Selected articles and their authors will be announced on the forum and receive rewards within 7 days after the event ends.

    Post your article here!