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Quarterfinals Analysis - Mage Decks

​​It seems the Mage has turned out to be the most powerful class to date, at least from what we saw during the Summoner’s Legion Championships. There are many strong card combinations in regards to Mage decks with the choicest among these appearing to be Torture and Meditate. However, for most players to be able to use these card combos, they have to be able to survive the first 10 turns. Our players have shown their cunning and strategy in figuring out how to survive and we’d like to share a few of the most common strategies below:

  • Most Mage decks tend to limit their use of low MP cards, staying clear of those around to 0 MP mark and limiting those in the 1-5 MP region. This allows them to become greater and greater threats the longer the match lasts.
  • The most powerful of Mages tend to lean towards using an Ice Staff.
  • To prevent being killed in a rush, most Mages have just enough low MP cards in their decks.
  • The most frequently used card among the successful Mage decks has been St. Lucia. This card is powerful and intriguing in that it can revive a unit from the summoner's graveyard each turn. From what we saw during the championship matches, it seems St. Lucia may become a key card for most Mage decks in future.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the exceptionally great strategies our players used in the quarterfinals. Bowser had quite a few Range +2 cards that also incorporated the Revive and Venom skills (Skolska Sniper and Plague Skolska). These cards helped to slow down match pace and caused a respectable amount of damage to the opponent. 

Kikoa’s strategy can pretty solidly be described as an offensive as a means of defense. Almost 50% of his deck consisted of cards with the Flight skill. His deck seemed to be a great choice for rush matches. Unfortunately this can also lead to a quick defeat if you don’t play your cards right. However, these kinds of decks certainly make for very fun matches to watch whether a defeat or victory.

Click here to view some of the Mage decks used during the quarterfinals. This will allow players to discover how to modify and elaborate upon the strategies used within the quarterfinals to create their own powerful deck strategies. We believe there’s no such thing as the strongest class or deck, but that the player’s choices make the game. We’re looking forward to seeing you all back in-game and testing out your new strategies soon!