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Quarterfinals Analysis - Ranger Decks

Rangers are a longtime favorite for many of us, and they’ve proven to be a class of unpredictable power in Summoner’s Legion. However, it takes quite a bit of maneuvering and speed to take home a victory with this class. Let’s take a closer look at some of the Ranger strategies used by our players in the quarterfinals:

  • Rangers favor the low MP cards. It’s rare to see a Ranger with more than 4 cards over 4+ MP in cost. The reason for this is because Rangers require as many units on the battlefield at any given time to have a chance at rushing their opponents. 
  • Most of the cards used in a rush Ranger deck also have Flight and Move+ skills and rarely have Range+ skills as the front positions are the most important in when looking to cause damage.
  • Due to the fact that cards with low MP costs usually cannot deal a great deal of damage, skill cards are a crucial part to Ranger decks. Cards such as Writ of Death were used exceptionally well during the quarterfinals
  • A final important note to make is that it’s important for Ranger’s to get opponent units off the field quickly which is where cards such as Fatal Blow came in handy during the quarterfinals.

Although the main strategy behind each of the Ranger decks is similar, there is still subtle difference between each deck. One of our personal favorites is Klaus Swift as it deals a tremendous amount of damage, but that’s just us! Feel free to share your own ideas about what you think is the perfect Ranger deck. We’d love to see what everyone comes up with especially after viewing the decks from the quarterfinals.