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Summoner’s Legion Championships – Day 2

As the second day of the Summoner’s Legion Championships wraps up, four eager players march on to the semifinals. The final four competitors are:
  • Jason
  • Kartenauge
  • Confrari
  • Bowser

Congratulations to everyone who made it this far and their opponents for making it a heated competition! Below we’ve highlighted some the most interesting moves and countermoves from the quarterfinal matches. 

Confrari came out swinging as a clear master of the rush, particularly the Priest rush which is a class we haven’t seen with rush just yet. He also countered Rojkod’s Ice Staff with a debuff-removing Holy Staff, and we got to see the first recovery from Petrify in the tournament. Even though Rojkod managed to overcome Confrari’s Mage in game 2 -- his only victory in the match -- I believe there’s a real role against Mages with Priest decks like Confrari’s. His path to the semifinals shows that Priests aren’t the safe, defensive class we thought they were!

Although Warrior hasn’t seen much use, Kartenauge was intent on showing its strength. Using the Strength Tower and the Guard Tower early on, he preserved the HP of his troops as well as his Strength tower. He complimented this by playing Bara and tried to push through with some complimentary units and spells. He managed to set off most of his combos, but they didn’t work exactly as planned. Fearing nothing, as he was up 2-1 at this point, Kartenauge tried his pocket started again to great success. His double-tower Bara opener worked great and his supporting units kept the pressure on. 

Will rush take every class by storm? Will a Warrior take home the victory? Only time will tell, and we’ll be there to call every shot!

Looking to strengthen your game? Click here to view and create various decks to see which deck best suits you. Also, don’t forget to catch the semifinals on Twitch at 16:00 March 27th.