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Summoner’s Legion Championships – Day 3

Summoner’s Legion - Semifinals

We saw some really intense competition this time around in two hard-hitting matches: Jason taking on Kartenauge, and Bowser taking on Confrari.

In the first match, Jason versus Kartenauge, Kartenauge demonstrated his tactical mastery. Though Jason had him down 2-1 by the third match, Kartenauge came right back defeating Jason with his signature dual-tower Warrior strategy in game 5. Despite some excellent momentum in game 1, Jason’s multi-Torture strategy didn’t pay off until game 2, when he took on Kartenauge’s late-game Pyrok/removal march. Kartenauge’s Ranger deck didn’t quite live up to expectations during its first major test, it’ll be interesting to see how his Ranger will stack up in the finals.

Confrari’s rush mastery was put to the test as he faced off against Bowser, who favored the Ranger in the first two games to no avail. Confrari’s heavy rush style proved itself against Bowser’s Ranger, potentially signaling a big challenge for Kartenauge’s unproven Ranger strategy in the finals. However, Confrari’s rush prevailed in all three games, as he finally crushed Bowser’s Mage in the final match.

So, after a great few days the final matchup will be:

Kartenauge vs. Confrari

The winner will receive a 2,000 USD cash prize + a surprise reward, while the runner-up will receive a 1,000 USD cash prize. There will also be a battle for third place, which will feature Jason and Bowser. The winner of this match will receive a 500 USD cash prize, while the loser will unfortunately go home empty handed. Catch both of these matchups on Twitch tomorrow!