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Summoner's Legion Maintenance on 2/4 at 23:00 PST!

Summoner's Legion S1 will be having a Maintenance on February 4th @ 23:00 PST (Feb. 5th @ 15:00 PM GMT +8). Server is expected to be down for 2 hours, but could be longer. Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates or changes.

Patch Notes:
  1. The tutorial has been optimized.
  2. Stamina requirements have been increased in certain dungeons; however the rewards have also been increased accordingly.
    a, Dripping Caverns now requires 10 Stamina instead of 5.

    b, The Forgotten Altar now requires 12 Stamina instead of 10.
  3. Silver received by clearing dungeons has been increased (excluding Silver obtained through the Dungeon Flip Rewards. Example: players will now receive 380 Silver instead of 152 by clearing the Factory (BOSS) dungeon.
  4. Daily check-in now has 2 Mystery Chests. Non-VIPs will receive 1 chest, while VIPs will receive both. Rewards contained in the VIP-only chest are based on what VIP level your character is. The higher your VIP level is, the greater the rewards.
  5. Increased daily free Blitz attempts for VIPs; however the total Blitz attempts has been unchanged.
  6. Effects generated by a specific weapon will no longer stack on the same enemy unit. These weapons include: Longsword, Guardian, Martydom and Life Staff.

    Note: players who own and have upgraded these weapons will receive corresponding materials used to upgrade to their current level as compensation. These materials include Upgrade Stones and Silver.
  7. Adjusted Stealth Halo skill effect to: Other friendly units gain Stealth (cannot be targeted by enemy hero’s single target skills).
  8. Skill, Double Shot, is now called Double Attack.
  9. Chat filter has been optimized.
  10. Added a notice, “room does not exist,” when players cannot find certain dungeon rooms.
  11. Adjusted the item description column by removing the item icon.
  12. The Graveyard and AFK buttons, found when in-battle, have been switched.
  13. Removed the time restriction found in PvP.
  14. Optimized the balance between guild EXP and guild level. This change may cause all guild levels to be lowered, however guild level EXP and buffs have been unchanged. Due to this change, some guild capacities may have been exceeded.

Bug Fixes
  1. Fixed a display bug that appeared when clicking the Standard Pack buy button in the Shop, causing the Deluxe section grayed out in the Hero’s Blessing event.
  2. Fixed an issue in which the remaining attempt displayed incorrectly after using free refreshes in the Barracks.