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Summoner's Legion Maintenance on 4/9 at 05:45 PST!

Patch Notes:

VIP Adjustments
  • When a player’s VIP expires, a prompt will now appear asking whether they would like to extend their VIP.
  • Removed Hero's Blessing, and integrated it into VIP. VIPs can now claim a Deluxe Pack for free each day. Players who already purchased Hero's Blessing will receive the remaining Deluxe Packs via in-game mail a few days after the maintenance.
  • VIP players can receive double rewards from the Login Event. Rewards will be sent via in-game mail a few days after the maintenance.
  • Removed 6 Month VIP Card and added VIP Weekly Card (7 days) in the Shop. Slightly adjusted VIP prices.
  • Removed the function where players could purchase VIP for friends.

General Adjustments
  • Stages 14 and 15 have been added to the Campaign.
  • Players can now expand and minimize chat boxes.
  • Targeted units will now be highlighted when hovering over it in battle.
  • Decreased the required amounts for exchanging Card Fragments of various qualities.
  • Added prompt, “No more Gold flips left,” on the back of cards when available attempts have been used up in a dungeon.
  • Players no longer have to wait 10 seconds to exit a dungeon when they have already redeemed their rewards.
  • Cards that have been upgraded in the Alchemy will no longer be placed in the last position of the current page.
  • Several Hot Events have been removed and will be available randomly every week.
  • Blitzing stages now also drops items, cards and card shards as rewards.
  • Slightly adjusted Dwarf Champion's ability and its attributes. Players who owned this unit will receive card upgrade materials as compensation.
  • Players below level 20 will not be matched to enemies of same level gap in the 1v1 Arena.
  • Players level 20 – 29 will not be matched to enemies of same level gap in the 1v1 Arena.
  • Players below level 30 can be matched with a battle robot in the 1v1 Arena.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a display issue when a player’s VIP level increased.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would lag when recycling cards.
  • Fixed a display issue in the Card Edit panel.
  • Fixed display issues with a number of clothing prices.
  • Fixed an audio issue with the SFX disable button.
  • Fixed display issues within the Campagin panel.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of cards in hand when AFK stopped.
  • Fixed an issue where cards auto-flipped when hovering over them in the Card Edit panel.