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Summoner's Legion Maintenance on 7/14 at 23:00 PDT!

Patch Notes:

New Content:
  • Added temporary cards that expire after a certain period of time.
  • Added new in-game events.
  • Added the Card Ascension system.

  • Optimized the system for upgrading cards.
  • Raised the upgrade cap for cards to ★5.
  • After upgrading a card, all the cards of the same kind will have been upgraded in accordance with the highest ranking card. For instance, if a player was upgrading Infantry ★0 Card x3, ★1 Card x1, and ★2 Card x1; they'll receive ★2 Card x5 after the upgrade. A newly acquired Infantry Card will also be ranked as★2.
  • The cap for an upgraded card is ★3 by default and you'll need to Ascend it before upgrading it further.
  • Required materials for card upgrading has been dramatically reduced.
  • To Ascend a card, sacrifice at least one card of the same type.
  • Removed the Recycle system.
  • Removed Card Filters.
  • Removed the level requirement for upgrading cards.
  • Renamed the Ranger skill "Writ of Stealth" to“Sneaking”.
  • Reduced the amount of Gold required to upgrade cards.
  • While non-VIP Mystery Chests yield Rare Cards, Silver, and Magic Dust; VIP Mystery Chests yieldCrystal Essences.

  • All dungeons drop Crystal Essences and Tungstens now.
  • Elite Dungeons also yield Crystal Essences.
  • Optimized the drops for clearing dungeons within a time limit:
Lvl. 20 --> Magic Essence;
Lvl. 30 --> Magic Crystal;
Lvl. 40 --> Magic Crystal & Crystal Essence.

  • Removing CD between turns manually resets the CD for the next turn, which gives a 15 seconds cooldown (party members are free from this effect). Any effective operation, inclusive of chatting, clicking buttons, checking tips and moving the mouse, within the 15 seconds will reset the CD of the next turn to 90 seconds. Otherwise the 15 seconds CD remains.