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Summoner's Legion S1 Maintenance on 1/28 at 23:00 PST!

Summoner's Legion S1 will be having a Maintenance on January 28th @ 23:00 AM PST (Jan. 29th @ 15:00 PM GMT +8). Server is expected to be down for 2 hours, but could be longer. 

Patch Notes:
  • Adjusted season ending time, now season ends on the 28th day after a season begins. (For example, a season which begins at 18:00 on 1/21 will end at 18:00 on 2/18.
  • Players who are below lvl.20 now won't be matched to players above lvl.20 in the 1V1 Arena until they obtain a Royal Medal.
  • Arena now unlocks when character arrives at lvl.8.
  • AFK AI now will use cards first instead of weapons.
  • System announcements now will only show in the【All】chat channel.
  • When NPCs help you out in a Dungeon, a message will now be displayed above the dungeon room.
  • After unlocking the Blacksmith, the system will automatically direct players to the corresponding weapon pages according to his/her current deck class.
  • Now Paid Gold and Free Gold will be displayed separately in the game.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where the guide process shows the wrong loading page.
  • Fixed an issue where system did not show tips for explaining damage types during stage 1 -4 in Campaigns.
  • Adjusted corresponding images for Upgrade Rewards icons (lvl8 and lvl12).
  • Fixed an issue where player cannot invite strangers into dungeons and the Arena.