MP: Players start with 1 MP.

Your hand: you will have 3 cards in your hand at the beginning of each battle. You draw 1 card from your deck in each turn.

Hero: Both heroes and their weapons are considered skill cards.

Weapon: Your weapon determines what skill your hero has.

Field of play: Place cards in your hand on the green area until the area is full.

Your units: Units generally move forward 2 squares. Units' basic skill range is also 2.

Opponent: Decrease your opponent’s HP to 0 to win the battle.

Opponents' units

Deck: You draw one card from your deck each turn. Each deck contains 30 cards

(from left to right) Settings: Forfeit, AFK, Volume, Battle Log; Shovel: can be used to remove your units or friendly NPCs units from the battlefield. Graveyard: discarded cards go here

Chat: You can check your messages here.

Battle Log: You can check both players' Battle Log here


  • Before a battle starts, you have 30 seconds to choose the cards you wish to replace. Click Confirm to start the battle.

  • After entering a battle, play cards from your hand based on their MP costs. You will not be able to play a card if its MP is too high. MP recovers at the beginning of each turn.

  • Click a card and place it on the green area to play it. Click End Turn and the units will start to move/fight. When that is done, your opponent's turn will start.

  • You win when opponent’s HP reaches 0; You lose when your HP reaches 0.







MP Cost: you need equal MP to play the card

MP Cost

Card quality: 5 card qualities: common, rare, epic, legendary and mythic

Card Quality

Race: 5 races: Human, Elf, Beastman, Undead and Dwarf

Class: 4 classes: Warrior, Ranger, Mage and Priest

Star Levels: Cards can have anywhere from 0-4 stars.

Star Levels

Card Skill: special skills which give you an advantage in battle

Card Skill

ATK: it represents how much damage will be done to the enemy with each attack

HP: unit will die when its HP drops to 0


Players can consume Stamina to challenge solo stages. Rewards: Gold, Hero Medals, card upgrade materials and/or cards

Unlocks at lvl. 6. Players can upgrade and/or recycle cards here.

Unlocks at lvl. 9, players can hire mercenaries to do timed AFK for 4 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours. Rewards: EXP, materials, cards, Silver and Gold

Unlocks at lvl. 10. Each dungeon contains 2 levels; players need to pass both levels to complete the quest and get rewards. Rewards: cards, equipment/card upgrade materials

Unlocks at lvl. 11. Players can upgrade and repair equipment here.

Unlocks at lvl. 12. There are two modes: PVP Mode and Training Mode. Reward is War Medals.

Unlocks at lvl. 13. Players can create/join guilds here. Players can search for specific guilds by inputing the guild name or guild leader’s name.